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Public Information

The Tradition 5 states "Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the compulsive eater who still suffers". But how? CEA-HOW Public Information Committee has worked hard to consolidate materials to help you and/or your meeting or Intergroup reach out at all three levels. These documents have been provided by various CEA-HOW groups and intergroups. They are not required by nor endorsed by CEA-HOW World Service; rather they are examples of ways that you might reach out to let people know about CEA-HOW.

CEA-HOW Public Information has one ultimate goal: To carry the message to the compulsive eater who still suffers. Public information reaches the compulsive eater in three ways:

  • By informing the public about the CEA-HOW program.
  • By informing “the third person” whose work is or may be involved with the active compulsive eater.
  • By keeping the fellowship well informed, so that members and groups may carry the message effectively.

Our popular Conference approved Public Information Brochure trifold, Do You Need Help with your Eating?,  is available at minimal cost from Intergroups and WSO.  This is for distribution to the general public.

On this web page you’ll find additional materials to help you and/or your Meeting or Intergroup reach out at all three levels. The documents have been provided by various CEA-HOW groups and intergroups, and are not required by nor endorsed by CEA-HOW World Service. They are merely examples of ways that you might reach out to let people know about CEA-HOW.

Most of the documents are editable Word or Excel documents, which you can take and tailor for your meeting, Intergroup, or event. Versions in PDF format are also provided for reference. If the PDF version doesn't come up in your browser, you can go to Acrobat Reader to download a free version of their software. You can also get a free viewer for the Word document from the Microsoft Download Center Word Viewer.

Following are the CEA-HOW Public Information Guidelines which give practical examples and information for carrying the message of CEA-HOW recovery.  They are compiled from shared experience of CEA-HOW members and are for use by all CEA-HOW members and service bodies.  The Guidelines communicate how we, from a practical standpoint, can make the public aware that it is possible to recover from compulsive eating through working the CEA-HOW Concept.  These guidelines were produced by the CEA-HOW World Service Business Conference Public Information Committee.    

To listen to a workshop on use of the Public Information Guidelines presented by the 2012 Global Convention click on 2012 Global Convention PI Workshop. A pdf of the workshop powerpoint  follows.

We also offer you a Public Service Announcemnt that has been successfully used in local CEA-HOW fellowships.

Informing the Media

There are many media professionals whose work may inform the active compulsive eater.

Outreach letter

To send with CEA-HOW brochures that was sent to hospitals & medical facilities by the Greater NYC Intergroup.

PDF icon outreach-letter-sample.pdf

Informing the public

There are many who may interact with an active compulsive eater. These are resources for them.

Information packets
Additional Information

You can also post your meeting schedule in community calendars of local newspapers or on public bulletin boards. This website contains useful information about CEA-HOW that could be included in those announcements.

Dear Neighbor

A letter introducing CEA-HOW, to be included with an information packet. You might also include a local meeting list and a business card, as well as the CEA-HOW brochures listed in the letter. Brochures may be purchased from WSO.

Microsoft Office document icon DearNeighbor.doc
Letter for Health Care Professionals

This is a letter that members of the fellowship can give to health care professionsals. It describes the program and our plan of eating in a general way. Our doctors and other health care professionals have witnessed our physical recovery. Providing this letter and our popular trifold brochures to them  makes it easier for them to refer more patients or clients to our program.   

PDF icon Health Care Letter.pdf
Brochures and handouts
Are you a Compulsive Eater?

Questions on 3x5 index card 

PDF icon Are you a Compulsive Eater.pdf
Microsoft Office document icon Are you a Compulsive Eater.doc
How to Participate in a Health Fair PDF icon Health Fair brochure.pdf
Public Service Announcements
Audio - Public Service Announcement PDF icon CEA-Radio-Script - Conference Approved.pdf
Audio icon CEA-HOW 60 second spot - audio.mp3
Sample Publications PDF icon 01 PUBLIC AWARENESS Article.pdf, PDF icon 02 PUBLIC AWARENESS Article.pdf
Fliers for posting
Can't Stop Eating - Intergroup (Dallas) PDF icon Can't Stop Eating - Intergroup (Dallas).pdf
Microsoft Office document icon Can't Stop Eating - Intergroup (Dallas).doc
CEA-Outreach (New York) PDF icon CEA-Outreach (New York).pdf
Microsoft Office document icon CEA-Outreach (New York).doc
Is Weight an Issue? (Las Vegas) PDF icon Is weight an issue Las Vegas.pdf
Microsoft Office document icon Is weight an issue Las Vegas.doc
Stop Sign with Hotline Number (Virginia Beach) PDF icon Stop Sign with Hotline Number (Virginia Beach).pdf
Microsoft Office document icon Stop Sign with Hotline Number (Virginia Beach).doc

Keeping the Fellowship Informed

Many members are introduced to CEA-HOW through current members. Keeping members informed about CEA-HOW enables them to provide valid information when they're talking to friends and acquaintances. Newsletters are an excellent way to keep them informed. They also provide a source of information that can be given to a prospective member.

The Level Spoon (New York) PDF icon the_level_Spoon_6_07.pdf
Microsoft Office document icon the_level_Spoon_6_07.doc
The Penn-Pal Winter-Spring 2014 (Pennsylvania) PDF icon Winter-Spring Newsletter 2014 PA IG.pdf