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Phone Bridge Meetings

Meeting Schedules  

Click on the link (blue text) to open the meeting schedule for your area. This will open a new window which can be printed.

  • SCHEDULE of Men's MEETINGS -- Call in number: 515-604-9000, access code: 551069
  • SCHEDULE of English MEETINGS -- Call in number: 1 (712) 775-7031, access code:  552 679 223# 
  • SCHEDULE of Spanish  MEETINGS -- Call in number: 1 (712) 432-0928, access code: 634992# 
  • SCHEDULE of Skype  MEETINGS -- See Skype addresses on meeting schedule

Meeting Resources

  • Meeting formats - meeting readings and formats for phone bridge meetings are available to read and download
  • Listen or Download - Phone Bridge Workshops and Events
  • Announcement Line: Call in to hear the weekly Phone Bridge Announcements 605-475-4849, Access/Reference Code 605134# - #

Email Requests

  • Meeting Coordinator: Contact   
  • Sponsor Coordinator: Contact Cheryl in NY via email at, or by phone at 718-438-6790 Eastern time.  *When contacting by email or phone, please leave your name, safe phone number, time zone, and level of sponsor needed or the level that you can provide.
  • Literature Requests:  The Phone Bridge Intergroup makes available all CEA-HOW conference-approved literature used in working the CEA-HOW program.   For a listing of available literature click here.  To place an order, contact Joyanne at or call her at 303-747-2415 MT.  Please note:  you must have a sponsor to receive Forever Abstinent and the Sponsor Guidelines.  As a sponsor, notify Joyanne that you are sponsoring [name of sponsee] and that [sponsee] will be ordering [Forever Abstinent and/or the Sponsor Guidelines].  Your sponsee can then contact Joyanne and place the order.
  • Outreach List/Phone List Requests - We are required to make 4 calls a day, one to our sponsor and 3 to other CEA-HOW members.  We maintain a Phone Bridge list of members for outreach.  If you would like to be included on the list, or receive a copy of the list, contact our Phonebridge Outreach Coordinator Elayne at, or call Elayne at (503) 481-1104 Pacific Time.  Please identify yourself as a member of CEA-HOW when requesting this list.  

Contact information:


Phone Bridge Executive Committee Members 2016

- Chair – Marsha D, (206) 372-7856 PT,

- Vice Chair – Joann S., (949) 378-7456 ET,

- Treasurer – Susan M,  (510) 421 2205 PT

- Secretary – Diana H. (512) 826-6113 CT,





    The Phone Bridge Service Support Team

    A group of CEA-HOW volunteers who are willing to answer any questions you may have about Phone Bridge Service positions.

    • Cheryl A. in NY at 718-438-6790 EST
    • Jan W. in ID at 208-356-9423 MST
    • Roberta S. in CA at 714-299-9721 PST
    • Marsha K. in NY at 518-697-5088 EST
    • Shellee P. in CA at 562-688-4728 PST

    Upcoming Phone Bridge Events

    There are no upcoming events at this time.

    The 7th Tradition

    The 7th Tradition supports Compulsive Eaters Anonymous - HOW in the following ways:

    1. Supports CEA-HOW in its primary purpose to continue to carry the message to those who still suffer
    2. Supports website development and maintenance which is the central source for meeting information
    3. Supports development and printing of literature used in the daily working of the CEA-HOW program 
    4. Provides a prudent reserve for a phone line should the free service be discontinued
    5. Supports sending phone bridge delegates to the World Service Business Conference every year

    There are three ways to contribute:

    I.  Mail:

    Please Send 7th tradition for all meetings to the bridge line treasurer at the following address :

    CEA-HOW Bridge Meeting
    PO Box 983
    Duarte, CA 91010-9998

    II. Paypal: One time contribution

    Press here make a contribution:


    Login or set up your PayPal account at

    1. Choose Send Money
    2. Enter in
    3. Select Sending money to family or friends
    4. Enter the amount and method you would like to pay
    5. Press Send Money.


    To make donations using the PayPal App:

    1. Go to
    2. Click get the PayPal App
    3. Select the phone you have and click Download
    4. After you complete the download, you'll need to have a PayPal account to make donations to If you don't have a PayPal account, you can set one up at

    III. Paypal: Recurring Contributions:

    To establish a monthly recurring donation use the “subscribe” button below. The preset contribution amounts are listed in the drop down menu. If there is an amount you would like to establish that isn’t listed, contact the Treasurer at

    Contribution Options

    Interested in Starting a CEA-HOW Meeting?

    If you are interested in starting a CEA-HOW meeting, go to and read and follow the instructions.  If you have questions, contact WSO for assistance.

    PLEASE NOTE: New Phone Bridge meetings cannot be scheduled for the following times:
    • Sunday 5:00 PM EST - reserved for the Monthly Phone Bridge Intergroup meeting
    • Sunday 3:00/4:00 PM EST - reserved for the Sunday meeting that changes based on daylight savings time.