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JANUARY CONTINUES TO BE GRATITUDE MONTH for the fellowship of CEA-HOW.  Share with your fellows your good fortune in being in recovery.  YOUR DONATIONS SUPPORT ALL MEMBERS OF THE FELLOWSHIP:  Gratitude Month donations are used to provide services to the fellowship such as developing a more user-friendly website, recording and posting Global Convention for free listening, special projects such as digitizing our literature to make electronic purchase of literature available, expanding our insurance liability to cover individual meeting venues, expanding translation availability, and anticipating or meeting other needs of the fellowship as a whole.  

Based on Bill W's example in Tradition 7 of the 12&12, make a special one-time contribution TO THE FELLOWSHIP in gratitude for the gift of recovery CEA-HOW offers us.  Your donation supports CEA-HOW by carrying the message of recovery from compulsive eating to NEWCOMERS.   You are providing the resources to carry the message of hope to those individuals struggling with our disease, you are supporting your fellows who have found the solution in the rooms of CEA-HOW, you are assisting CEA-HOW service bodies who are struggling financially, and you are ensuring that CEA-HOW will be here for YOU!

You may make your Gratitude Donation now at:, or you may make the donation at your regular meetings during the month of January when the Gratitude basket is passed.

Contributions are made by individual members as well as service bodies who support their fellows by donating funds above their prudent reserves.   


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