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Welcome to the World Service Business Conference Committee Education page. Our goal as the Education Committee is to provide information to support and inform the  CEA-HOW fellowship. The Education Committee will use this page to share with the  Fellowship news and training and enrichment programs developed by the Education Committee and other service bodies of CEA-HOW.


This section focuses on the use of workshops. There are some helpful guidelines as  well as examples of actual workshops which can be used by individual CEA-HOW  members, meetings, Intergroups or Areas. 

CEAHOW Workshop Guidelines

Outlines of Workshops - An overview of workshop examples

Workshop Examples

The Secrets of Sponsorship Workshop (Southern California Intergroup) 

The top ten recovery references included the CEA-HOW Sponsor Guidelines, AA Big Book, AA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, The Seven Tools of Recovery, As Bill Sees It, Came to Believe, CEA-HOW pamphlets, CEA-HOW website, stories of personal experience, strength and hope.  A nine page workbook was provided; the cover contained four clear workshop measureable objectives. Themed “The Top 10,” they are as follows: 

  • The Top 10 Characteristics of a Good Sponsor 
  • The Top 10 Recommended Resources for Sponsors 
  • The Top 10 Guidelines for 12 Step Meeting Etiquette 
  • The Top 10 Most Important Things to Pass On as a Sponsor 

Living the Promises Workshop (Los Angeles Intergroup Fall 2012) 

There was a small fee for this workshop to cover the cost of materials. This group used a flyer to peak interest in their workshop. A flyer was provided at the local intergroup meeting. The flyer quoted the following thesis statement: 

“At every meeting we are reminded by the CEA-HOW concept that after our recovery has begun through abstinence and the taking of the first three steps, our further surrender to the additional steps of recovery offers us a promise of happiness, contentment, and achievement in all areas of our lives.” 

The workshop was presented in panel format: 

  • Twelve panelists each presented a step and referenced the step with page numbers for reading in the AA Big Book and the AA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, the CEA-HOW Concept, Forever Abstinent, CEA-HOW Sponsor Guidelines.
  • A workbook is provided with space for notes, the overview of the workshop, step work notes and referenced text. 

CEA-HOW Convention and Phone Bridge Workshops 

Curerntly workshops are available and can be downloaded as an MP3 or listened to on your computer. Audio files include speakers from the CEA-HOW International Convention 2010, 2011, and 2012 and Phone Bridge workshops. The Phone Bridge workshops can also be listened to on the phone. (Instructions for listening on the phone are given below.) 

  • The workshops are available on the website under “Member Services” then “Audio Downloads.”
  • Instructions to download via MP3 or listen on your computer for these workshops exist on the same page. 
  • Phone Bridge workshops can also be found under “Meetings-Intergroups” then “Phone Bridge Meetings” then “Workshop Audio Downloads.”

Outline option from one of the Phone Bridge workshops: 

  • One leader (other Phone Bridge workshops might have a panel of 3—5 people) 
  • Leader introduces self, states title of workshop, gives contact information, qualifies, asks for volunteer spiritual timekeeper. 
  • Leader draws in audience before presenting the body of the workshop, by asking a question related to the workshop topic and getting 3 responses of 3 minutes each. 
  • Leader shares quotes from the CEA- HOW approved literature to support the presentation. 
  • Leader asks for questions from audience. (An idea could be to repeat the question asked at beginning of workshop and get more responses.) 
  • Leader closes with question and answer period and thanks all who attended. (In other workshops, leaders begin and end with the serenity prayer and sometimes also a reading or two such as How It Works or the CEA-HOW Concept.) 

Spreading the Message: Looking for the Compulsive Eater Who Still Suffers (WSBC Public Information Committee) On website, Meetings, Intergroups, Public Information 

  • Global Convention PI Workshop - PDF  (also available under “Meetings-Intergroups” then “Public Information.”)
  • 2012 Global Convention PI Workshop - Audio 
  • Goals taken from the committee’s guidelines: 
    • Define what it means to provide the public with information about CEA-HOW. 
    • Give our Fellowship a vision of the practical ways in which we can bring that message of recovery to the public.