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For CEA-HOW Sponsors

The World Service Business Conference (WSBC) Sponsorship Committee* provides monthly articles written to CEA-HOW sponsors that address a variety of topics related to CEA-HOW sponsorship. Articles will provide suggestions and guidance based on the principles of the CEA-HOW program.

If you, your sponsees, or your sponsor have questions about CEA-HOW sponsoring or the CEA-HOW program in general, you can email them to Questions will be addressed by a CEA-HOW World Service Organization (WSO) board member usually within two business days.

* The WSBC Sponsorship Committee is composed of members of CEA-HOW who have been elected by their Areas to represent CEA-HOW at the annual World Service Business Conference. Articles are written by CEA-HOW members and the opinions expressed in them do not necessarily reflect CEA-HOW as a whole.

Monthly Articles

Title Download Date
Service PDF 2/2011
Slips PDF 3/2011
Steps 1, 2, 3 PDF 1/2010
Steps 4 & 5 PDF 2/2010
Steps 6 & 7 PDF 3/2010
Steps 8 & 9 PDF 4/2010
Steps 10, 11, 12 PDF 5/2010
Sponsoring Maintenance in CEA-HOW PDF 6/2010
Sponsoring Anorexics and Bulimics PDF 7/2010
The Sponsorship Chairperson PDF 10/2009
The 7 Tools PDF 11/2009
Back to Basics PDF 9/2009
Other Resources
Title Download Date
Sponsor Checklist PDF 7/2010
WSO Policy on Food Questions PDF 4/2007
Monthly Articles
Title Download Date
Abstinent Holidays PDF 12/2009