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Board of Directors

The CEA-HOW Board of Directors is responsible for serving the Fellowship of CEA-HOW. The board is charged with:

  • maintaining services for everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively in CEA-HOW
  • conducting the business side of CEA-HOW
  • protecting the CEA-HOW Concept, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts of Service
  • carrying out the votes of the World Service Business Conference 

The Chair of the Board is ultimately responsible for the actions of CEA-HOW. The Chair presides over the business and meetings of the Board.  Board members are elected to 2-year terms by the delegates to the World Service Conference.

If you have any questions for the Board of Directors, please email

Participating Directors

  • Cheryl F.., Chair
  • Ginger B.., Vice Chair
  • Carolyn P., Treasurer
  • Liane S.
  • Lupita B.
  • Jan D.
  • Rosa A.
  • Lueretha B.
Non-Participating Directors
  • Jim W.


  • Rae Z.
  • Fred S. (Deceased 3/13/04)

Board Committee Chairs/Conference Committee Liaisons.

  • Agenda, Urgent New Business:  Cheryl F.
  • Board Policy Manual: Jan D.
  • Special Needs:  Liane S..
  • Education:  Rosa A.
  • Finance:  Carolyn P.
  • Literature:  JGinger B.
  • Public Information:  Lupita B. and Rosa A.
  • Spanish Translation:  Lupita B.
  • Sponsorship:   Lueretha B..
  • Website:   WSO Liaison, Pamela K.
  • Convention:  Ginger B. and Jan D.
  • Website Content Review Committee:  Pamela K., Cheryl F., Shannon H.

The Board of Directors meets four times a year. The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors is held immediately following the closing of the annual World Service Business Conference. The Quarterly meetings are held by teleconference on the fourth Saturday of October, January, and April at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

Unless otherwise noticed, all meetings are held via teleconference.  All members are welcome.

*Non-participating directors are elected to the CEA-HOW Board in order to bring outside expertise to the Board's work. The Bylaws allow election of three non-participating directors.

Since CEA-HOW is a non-profit corporation in California USA, it must also have corporate officers. These positions carry out the orders of the Board of Directors. With the exception of the Treasurer, CEA-HOW officers do not have to be members of the Board of Directors or members of the CEA-HOW Fellowship.

CEA-HOW, Inc., Officers

  • President:  Pamela K.
  • Vice President:  Jim C.
  • Treasurer:  Carolyn P.
  • Secretary:  Shannon H.